Hydraulic Harley Rake

for that perfect finish!

Not your grandfather's rake

If your project requires extensive earth moving, grading or raking, our Remote controlled Harley Rake is the most efficient means to achieve superior results. Our Harley rake grinds down the soil to aerate and neatly blend old and new lawn areas while swiftly removing rocks and turning even hard clay into fine soil particles. These fine particles rake out with ease, and reduce the need for purchasing and trucking in screened top soil. This saves our customers money on materials in a big way. We use our Harley rake on nearly every project, which ensures that our customers benefit long term with a higher quality finished grade. Hundreds of customers have benefited from our specialized landscape equipment over the years. Watch the video above and see for yourself how you can benefit by our unique service. Call today at 1-877-754-3783 or 973 227-2477 for information.

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