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Wet basement Walls?

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Your basement is leaky and wet because it is sitting in water. Will you "fix" this by drilling holes in your walls to let the water and dampness inside, or will you drain this water away from your house by gravity? Note the dampness on this foundation wall is all the way up to the top, as well as the amount of water seeping out of the soil to the right of the ladder. If you had a hole in your roof would you "fix" it by installing a sump and a pump in your attic, or would you correct the problems in the roof to allow the water to drain away by itself?

  1. Dry Basement Walls
  2. Eliminate Mold & Mildew
  3. Reduce Humidity in your home
  4. No Sump pump required
  5. Peace of Mind

imageYour family deserves the best protection available against Dampness, Flooding, Moisture, Mold, and Worry!

Toxic Mold is becoming the Asbestos of the 21st century. Join hundreds of satisfied customers who have benefited from our use of modern materials and methods to convert their musty, wet basements into valuable additions to their family's living area! Our exterior waterproofing and membrane process ensures that you protect your home's foundation walls in the best way possible. You'll be glad you did!

Foundation waterproofing Vs. Builder Grade Waterproofing

Waterproofing Exterior Wet Basement Walls

Take a tour and learn about the waterproofing process without any high pressure sales or scare tactics. Our site is designed to educate. Once consumers are made aware of the benefits, they easily choose an exterior waterproofing solution because it is just better and also healthier for your family. Our best customer is an educated customer.

Excavation down to the footing

Waterproof Membrane & foundation drain

Eliminate Wet Basement Walls

Allow Bobcats for Hire to expertly design and install a foundation drainage system to your home that succeeds in drying both the walls and also the floor of your basement. Our exterior systems incorporate a waterproof membrane and insulation that work together to keep your basement dry, warm, and mold free. An exterior foundation drain removes water BEFORE it pours through your foundation. When water issues are resolved from the outside, water naturally flows away from your house, not into it. This is done by using gravity, plenty of crushed stone, and without relying on mechanical pumps or electricity. Engineers agree that this is by far the best way to solve a leaky basement problem. Water is diverted away, and not seeping through walls to be collected in a basement sump. An exterior foundation drain will help to remove dampness and mold caused by moist walls. Our exterior Paraseal Membrane GM also reduces radon gas from entering through porous block walls. Interior style drains jack hammer your cement floor and allow radon to easily enter your home through the gap that is left in the installation. Much of New Jersey has high levels of Radon present, making an exterior solution both more effective and more safe. Doesn't your family deserve the peace of mind from an exterior waterproofing system? Our articulated excavators allow for digging in compact areas and also directly against foundations which is usually needed when correcting a leaky basement.

First Class Waterproofing

Take a tour and learn about the waterproofing process without any high pressure sales or scare tactics. Our site is designed to educate. Once consumers are made aware of the benefits of an exterior waterproofing system, they easily choose our exterior membrane waterproofing solution because it is clearly better and also healthier for your family. Of course it costs more to install a waterproof membrane on the outside of your home, but ask yourself this question: If I am having a problem with water, mold, and moisture, and wet basement walls, do I want to keep the water out of my basement altogether, or will I be convinced by a salesman that I should drill holes in my house to direct the water flow into my basement because that is all that this salesman knows how to do?
This house had water incursion, mold, and moisture problems in the basement that were also affecting the upper levels. You can easily see the moisture that is present on the excavated walls. The saturated soil caused wet basement walls throughout the basement area of the home.  The water in the soil was a constant flow of moisture into the basement. Our remedy was to excavate the foundation, repair the damaged foundation walls, and then install a waterproof membrane system and foundation drain to the home. Paraseal Membrane is applied to the exterior of your foundation walls to keep water and moisture away from your home and family. Wet foundation walls in a basement promote mold growth in your basement's walls, sheetrock, and insulation. A home protected by Paraseal prevents mold growth from growing and is a safer home for you and your family. A home that does not use an exterior waterproof membrane is always sitting in damp soil and will cause a wet basement. This dampness, over time, will erode your foundation walls and allow mold to grow. Mold spores then rise into the main living areas through either convection or air circulation from the HVAC system. The best way to eliminate mold is to remove the water that it is feeding from. An exterior membrane system such as Paraseal prevents your foundation wall from sitting in wet soil and allows the foundation wall to become dry as it should be. Wet basement walls will be a thing of the past with an exterior waterproof membrane system.
Once this work was completed, the rear paving-stone patio and driveway were installed for a first class appearance.

First Class Waterproofing - You deserve the best!

Our exterior system is designed to direct water and moisture away from your home, not into it. If your plans for the basement include finished living space for your family, and you plan to stay in your home, our exterior waterproofing system will be right for you.

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