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Our business is committed to designing and installing using accepted engineering practices to ensure your project's long term success. We treat each client and project individually, and will always see to it that the specific needs and characteristics of your site are taken into consideration in both our design and installation phases of your project. We strongly believe that the time spent on a proper design including the site evaluation and taking required elevations is money saved over the life of the project. We will work closely with you to design a system that is within your budget and also destined to be a successful installation. Therefore, we will ensure that your solution is not only effective, but also that it delivers value to your property. We will not propose a solution unless it is certain to work as intended, and will strive to design cost effectively while still meeting the needs of the client. If you are in need of a quality solution to an underground water issue and are the type of person who recognizes that a quality design & installation will cost you much less aggravation, money, and time in the long run, then we will be happy to meet to discuss the possible solutions to your project.

Bobcats for Hire is and owned and operated by Steve Therianos who has completed his Masters degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Water Resource Engineering and is well versed in many areas of hydrology. Our unique combination of engineering education combined with 32 years of extensive field experience ensures top quality solutions and installations for your project. Our customer benefits from having a dedicated project manager who will be responsible for the installation onsite during the commencement of the project without the cost of an traditional engineering firm overseeing the work.

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